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April and Bella Wang, the sisters are blooming blossom – ICEPN talent team has reached the next level

ICEPN Sept 2023 Talent Management News Release

Sept 17th, 2023
Edison, NJ 08818

ICEPN Talent Management, located at Edison, New Jersey has been working with talent rosters. Two sisters under ICEPN talent management recently landed some commercial and feature film projects.

Bravos to these two siblings on their recent commercial winning projects. April Wang- 11 years old who landed a feature film project. Her younger sister Bella Wang- 9 years old who landed two commercial projects in last 2 months.

Both girls joined ICEPN talent management with NY talent agencies. April Wang been with ICEPN “My Great Stage” Programs and Summer Training Programs since 2020. Bella Wang has started her training since Summer of 2022. April Wang joined “My Great Stage” Audition Challenge Competition back in Feb 2022, she did not land an agency during that challenge program. She did not give up; she continued her dream. She went onto NY Talent and Model talent competitions (IMTA in the summer of 2022), she won many categories, the most impressive award was the 1st runner up of the actors most sought of during 2022 IMTA-NY. She got many call-backs from nationwide agencies. She signed up for an agency NY and started her little mini entertainment career to showcase her talents.

In the meantime, her younger sister Bella is no stranger to what her big sister does, watched all her NY auditions and programs at ICEPN. She has joined ICEPN Talent Programs as well as summer camp training program along with “My Great Stage” program in 2022. To everyone’s surprise, she got into this fairly quick, and she learned through ICEPN Agents/Coaches master training program in Spring of 2023, she got her confidence boosted to another level. She has been hot ever since. Soon enough she got her agency signed up as well. She has been with ICEPN talent management since then.

Both are quite active and busy with their auditions. Their audition success rate has been great with their hard work, agency’s promotions, along with the help of their parents’ support. Kudos to them all!

Since Sept 2022, ICEPN talent team roster has grown to another level. For active talents with various agencies, they are all working hard with their best abilities toward winning their next commercials or films/TV series. They deserve to be congratulated as well. Let’s wish them all the best and good luck. Current working talents as actors are Catherine Jiang, April Wang, Bella Wang, Luna Wang, Jason Wang,  Isabella Sung, Felisha Zhu, Abby Du, Charlotte Gao, Kaylee Wang, Alice Jiang. They are all on track with their auditions. There are a few new talents who are working hard at this very moment, and they can be signed into agencies soon. Stay tuned for new talents coming up. Anyone who loves to be on stage, who is passionate about showing their talents or likes to try working in commercials, on TV sets, or in movies, call ICEPN team at (732) 508-3233 to find out how you can be the next successful talent with ICEPN!

Photos:  Eric Wang

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