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My Great Stage Season 9 Closing Ceremony Session 02 – Live Edited Edition

“My Great Stage” Season 9 Closing Ceremony – Session 02 (Live Edited Edition)
March 25, 2023

Event Host:
Selin Daskiran, Stephen Zhang, Bowen Liang, Luna Wang

Session 02 – Program:

  • Red Carpet Opening
    Host: Selin Daskiran
  • Red Carpet Interviews:
    Host: Luna Wang – Guest: Pelin Daskiran
    Host: Stephen Zhang – Guest: Kaylee Wang
    Host: Selin Daskiran – Guest: Luna Wang
    Host: Bowen Liang – Guest: Annie Long
  • Commercial: Learn By Film
    Selin Daskiran and Stephen Zhang
  • Song:   Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Alice Jiang
  • Song:   Thank You for the Music
    Melinda Xu
  • Song:   Fight Song
    Luna Wang
  • Song:   Recess
    Alena Zhao
  • Commercial:  Talent Factor
    Daniel Hare, Amanda Jiang, Pelin Daskiran
  • Song:   萤火虫
    Emma Xu
  • Song:   传奇
    Bowen Liang
  • Song:   桃花谣
    Annie Long
  • Song:   爱的箴言
    Evelyn Hare
  • Commercial:  Talent Factor
    Kaylee Wang, Amanda Jiang, Pelin Daskiran


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