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Talent Factor Casting Now – Fun with Characters

Talent Factor Mini TV Show – 排练和拍摄片段
ICEPN FILM and ICEPN Talent Management opens casting for Mini TV Series project.

Talent Factor – 才艺元素 Mini TV Series is about our talents learning-skills, rehearsal for the auditions, and exhibit their talents with fun, disappointment and frustration.
Season 1- 24 Episodes (30 EPS optional).
Each EP is around 5 -7 mins with 10-20 sec and 2 mins versions.
Broadcast: YouTube and Vimeo, TikTok and some other social medias.

Talent Factor Trailer
Youtube Link:

Join the show, join our team, bring your talents and fun to the project!
Contact us: Tel 732 508-3233 or Email:

Season 1 Show Character and Main Cast:

  1. Maya (Age 12)
    Actor Name: April Wang (age 10)
  2. Mila (Age 9)
    Actor Name: Luna Wang (age 7)
  3. Camila (Age 14)
    Actor Name:  Isabella Sung (age 11)
  4. Eliana (age 14)
    Actor Name:  Felisha Zhu (age 11)
  5. Victoria (Age 14)
    Actor Name: Abby Du (age 10)
  6. Levi (Age 12)
    Actor Name: Warren Wang (age 11)
  7. Carter (Age 14)
    Actor Name: Travis Moyle (age 12)
  8. Ella (Age 12)
    Actor Name:  Kaylee Wang (age 10)
  9. Freya (age 16)
    Actor Name: Selin Daskiran (age 13)
  10. Luke (age 13)
    Actor Name: Jason Wang (age 11)

Stay tuned for more information about the show.

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