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ICEPN 2023 -2024 Brand New Program “Learn By Filming” – 边拍边学

ICEPN My Great Stage & Talent Management 2023 -2024 Brand New Program –
“Learn By Filming” Quick Talent Learning Program – 边拍边学


ICEPN Talent Programs including summer camp programs provide unforgettable experiences for talented children for over 13 years.  ICEPN specially designed unique programs that tailored toward talents with many layers. ICEPN seeks to lift one another to new heights of personal and collective accomplishment. A brand-new annual TV show program “Learn By Filming” is right for everyone. Flexible with schedules, easy access for all levels of talents, affordable fees with any training or workshop programs. Language primarily used in training is English.

“Learn By Filming” “边拍边学”
Program 1:  “Learn By Filming”
Program 2:  “Scene or Scenario”

Program 1:          “Learn by Filming” key features:
(1)          Quick learning, Quick practice, and Quick filming
(2)          Real time coaching, rehearsal, and filming.
(3)          Formal TV or Movie Scripts
(4)          Short TV and Short Movie Scene production
(5)          Publishing- Public or Private
(6)          3- or 4-Days Session Plans
(7)          3 to 6 student per class capacity
(8)          Basic acting skill needed, and application with simple audition required

Program 2:          “Scene or Scenario” Key features:
(1)          Quick learning, Quick practice, and Quick filming
(2)          Real time coaching, rehearsal, and filming.
(3)          Massive projects for your selections in multi-categories
(4)          Video production for your learning program
(5)          Publishing- Public or Private
(6)          2- or 3-Days Session Plans
(7)          3 – 4 student per class capacity
(8)          No acting experience is necessary, application and short interview required

Q & A
Q:           What is the purpose for the short TV show program?
A:            A quick turn around short TV programs with flexibility in schedules, direct purpose in learning acting, commercial, filming, public speaking, presentation, act on-Camera etc.

Q:           How many levels does this short TV show program offer?
A:            Two levels, basic and advanced levels.

Q:           Who is eligible for this short TV show?
A:            Anyone with no experiences or with some basic experiences that can enroll in either basic or advanced levels.

Q:           At what age can my child apply?
A:            Any child with age 6 + can apply.

Q:           What is the requirement before enrollment?
A:            A simple audition is required with newcomers. Face to face audition or virtual audition are acceptable.

Q:           Are workshop sessions in-person or virtual?
A:            Workshop sessions are in-person. Virtual is optional.

Q:           How long does workshop last?
A:            With two levels, 1 to 4 days depending on your selected program levels.

Q:           What is the capacity for each class?
A:            A small class with 1-6 kids.

Q:           Can my child receive any video production after the workshop?
A:            Yes, a digital highlight production video will be provided.

Q:           Where is the location for the workshop and filming?
A:            ICEPN Studio in Edison, NJ. USA

Q:           Where can I get an application for my child?
A:            Meeting parent and Child (Talent) is required with appointment prior to sending out applications. Meeting can be arranged in person or virtual. And we’ll contact you after meeting to confirm.

For over 13 years, ICEPN has generated many aspiring talents, with professional coaches and staff, ICEPN delivers unique, practical, challenging programs. Join ICEPN talent programs and become part of something bigger than yourself.  Please reach out to 732-508-3233.

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