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祝贺北美新天地演员团队Luna Wang- 七岁再次获得美国主流商业广告的拍片工作

祝贺北美新天地演员团队Luna Wang- 七岁再次获得美国主流商业广告的拍片工作。恭喜,希望她更上一层楼!

ICEPN Talent management News Release

Feb 14th, 2023
Edison, NJ 08818

Edison, NJ, ICEPN Talent Management has exciting news again to share! Our 7-year-old talent, Luna Wang, just landed another TV commercial project. Huge Congratulations to her, and best luck to her future auditions!

Luna Wang, a 7-year-old young girl, who just booked another commercial job Feb 2023, has been with ICEPN talent management since June 2022. She was ICEPN’s “My Great Stage” Season 8 Talent Competition Contestant and Season 9 Contestant as well. She took the opportunity for our “Audition Challenge Program” during Season 8 and got call backs from several participating agencies. As a result, she was immediately one of the talents who had signed up with agency right after the competitions at ICEPN Edison Studio!

Luna Wang

During Luna’s very first audition, she landed a commercial project- “The scholastic project” in August 2022! We expect more success to come.

Other talents from ICEPN’s “My Great Stage” Season 8, Felisha Zhu (10 years old) and Warren Wang (10 years old), also signed up with agencies immediately after “ICEPN Audition Challenge Program” call backs. Currently, they are busy with their auditions!

Felisha Zhu and Warren Wang 

July 2022 at IMTA-NY (International Model and Talent Association), two talented young girls, April Wang, Abby Du, both 10 years old, joined the worldwide competitions in NY. They were able to meet with all different talents from all over the world and auditioned in front of many talent agents and talent agencies. They received so many call backs from the competitions and signed up with agencies immediately after their competitions! Along with all talents mentioned above, they are also on track with their auditions.

April Wang and Abby Du

What are the ICEPN talent rosters doing lately?

Some of the familiar names from ICEPN talent team that are currently busy with auditions each month: April Wang, Felisha Zhu, Warren Wang, Catherine Jiang, & Jady Zhao. All our talents are working very hard with their crafts, and we wish them the best luck! One thing they all know is: If you put in the effort and time, sooner or later, you will be successful.

ICEPN has a few new talents who will join the Agency talent showcase coming up this month. They are Bella Wang- 8-year old, Selin Daskiran- 13 year old and Hadrian Lynn-16 year old. We wish them the best luck!

A New talent, Isabella Sung-11-year-old just finished her training under ICEPN talent management and is about to be signed by Agency. Stay tuned.

If anyone who is interested in working in commercials, on TV sets, or in movies, call our team at (732) 508-3233 to find out how you can be the next successful talent with ICEPN!

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