Thursday, June 1, 2023

2022 Holiday TV Showcase EP03

ICEPN 2022 – 2023 Holiday Season TV Showcase Episode 3 – Thanksgiving Bless

ICEPN – “My Great Stage” Season 9, “Talent for Community”, MGS “Wonderful Moment”
joint production。


  1. Season’s Greetings – Message From ICEPN
    Holiday Remarks and Greetings: Jessie Li – Show Host
  2. Song: I Have A Dream
    Solo:  Evelyn Hare (2021 Recording)
  3. Song: When I Look At You
    Solo: Katherine Shi (2021 Recording)
  4. Song: Edelweiss
    Solo: Karen Du (2020 Recording)
  5. Song: Core mio ben
    Solo: Melinda Xu (2021 Recording)
  6. Song: Take Me Home, Country Roads
    Solo: Nam Tsui (2019 Recording)
  7. Season’s Greetings
    Holiday Remarks and Greetings: Bowen Liang – Show Host
  8. Song: Love Changes Everything
    Solo: Alice Wu (2019 Recording)
  9. Song: How Far I’ll Go
    Group Singing (2017 Recording)
  10. Song: Ashes
    Solo: Katherine Shi (2021 Recording)
  11. Song: Love Never Dies
    Solo: Minzhi Liu (Recording 2019)
  12. Song: You Raise Me Up
    Solo: Nancy Ji (Recording 2021)
  13. Song: I Believe
    Solo: Joyce Li (Recording 2021)

Welcome to My Great Stage, join the ICEPN Talent Team!

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