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ICEPN Talent management is widely recognized in the Asian communities in the tri-state area. as an extraordinarily successful talent management company in film and commercial. ICEPN is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, a neighboring state of New York.

Who we are:
ICEPN talent management believes in talents. ICEPN started its mission to provide tools and resources for all aspiring talent to find success in developing and managing talents since 2014.

What we do:
ICEPN always places the best interests of our talents first and has affiliations only with reputable agencies to work with. ICEPN personally oversees every aspect of each talent career development, training, audition to the end result hiring process.

What we believe:
ICEPN believes in a process of training that is essential to all talents. ICEPN offers well-rounded programs where talents’ unique potential is cultivated and encouraged. ICEPN has short and long-term training programs, with many opportunities for the talents.

Who we work with:
Working closely with professional, reputable entertainment agencies since 2014, ICEPN works with a wide array of clients and believes in focusing on obtaining the individual artists’ personal goals, as well as, exploring chances for talents.

Contact ICEPN Talent Management: 732 508-3233

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