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恭喜10岁的获奖演员王雨西 – April Wang

2022 年国际模特和才艺大赛IMTA-NY纽约年度竞赛在 7 月下旬圆满落幕,新州 ICEPN竞赛团队成功赢得了年度演员的亚军,以及其他的一系列比赛类别奖项,并同时获得了许多经纪公司的面试邀请。目前正在与来自洛杉矶和纽约地区的经纪公司会面,讨论和签订合同。新州 ICEPN竞赛团队8年来坚持在娱乐领域培养人才,凭借其出色的人才培训计划和系列完整的整合平台,越来越多的选角导演、经纪公司、唱片公司正在与 ICEPN 合作,2022-2023年度将走向新的高度。

在过去的 8 年里,ICEPN 一直是在纽约大赛引以为豪的华裔团队之一,培养出了一系列华裔青少年成为电影演员、模特、录音艺术家、电视广告、流行电视剧的人才。 如Catherine Jiang、Owen Wang、Vivian Wang、Amanda Chen、Jady Zhao、Ryan Zhao、Summer He,以及今年以来的人才 April Wang、Abby Du、Warren Wang、Felisha Zhu 和 Luna Wang。

恭喜今年10岁的获奖演员April Wang – 王雨西。 2022 年国际模特和才艺大赛IMTA-NY纽约年度演员的第二名,以及其它诸多表演比赛奖,模特类别包括牛仔、沙滩装、电视广告,最新配音项目她获得第二名。 最重要的是,她是 2022 年最受欢迎的女演员之一,并获得了许多经纪公司的面试邀请,获得了极其出色的战果!

另一位刚加入ICEPN团队的10岁女孩Abby Du – 杜雨宸,在歌舞模特等各项比赛中大放异彩。 最重要的是,她是大赛时装秀的选定模特表演演员之一。 从零经验到出色的表演,几乎赢得了她报名的每个类别。 令人震惊的成果!

你想加入优秀华裔才艺团队吗? 联系我们 732-508-3233,我们期待与您会面。

ICE Production Network Team for 2022 New York July Convention was a success! Our talents won 1st runner up for the Actor of the Year and placed high in other competition categories with many call backs.

Our talents met with prospective agencies from LA and NY regions and are in the process of signing contracts!

ICE Production Network team has been producing talents for the past 8 years in the entertainment field. With such strong team built with impressive talents, casting directors, agencies, record companies are collaborating with ICEPN to develop more talents in entertainment industry.

For the past 8 years, we only brought our rosters to NY competition and ICEPN has been one of the top performing teams that produced talents to become movie actors, models, and recording artists.

Just to name a few of our talents who has had overwhelming success, they are Catherine Jiang, Owen Wang, Vivian Wang, Amanda Chen, Jady Zhao, Ryan Zhao, Summer He, adding future talents April Wang, Abby Du, Warren Wang, Felisha Zhu, and Luna Wang.

NOW – Congratulations on this year’s winning actor April Wang, who is just 10 years old! She is the 1st runner up for the actor of the year! She made to the 1st runner up for the voice overs and the best of all she was one of the most sought female actors for 2022 with many call backs from top agencies in New York! What an outstanding result!

Another one of our talents is named Abby Du, who is also 10th year old, and recently joined ICEPN. She made her way to the stage where she shined with her singing, dancing, and model competitions. This is her first IMTA competition and she was one of the selected model talents for the fashion showcase! From having zero experience to the well-executed talent, Abby ended up winning almost each category she signed up for. Another amazing result!

So – do you want to join the successful talents we’ve had so far at ICEPN? We coach, train, and mentor you so you can be successful. No other agency will devote the time and effort for your success regardless of if you have experience or not, only ICEPN.

Join us and we look forward to meeting you! Give us a call at 732-508-3233.

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