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A tribute to our friend Virginia L. Ng from ICEPN

We are deeply saddened by the passing of our beloved friend, our ICEPN Talent Judge Virginia L. Ng. We met her more than a decade ago at one of the OCA-NJ events. She was so kind, humble, frank, and caring, and most of all, her sweet but giggling laughter got our attention. We had a nice chat, talked about taping some programs or interview segments. She loved the idea to do a “Thanksgiving Holiday” Dinner Segment.

That was one of the fun times we had with her. During the taping segment about “Thanksgiving Dinner” holiday program, she was sharing the history, the cultures, the recipes, and how her family celebrated during Thanksgiving time. She was always the Main Chef at her House feeding many of her family members.

As one of the main hosts, along with her sweet neighbor who was willing to offer us the venue for the segment, by the time we finished taping the segment, we had all enjoyed the time together with food, laugher, and we even enjoyed our bloopers. We laughed and entertained ourselves with gourmet food to our hearts’ content.

It was a wonderful treat and quite entertaining for the show that we got great feedback from that segment, and we kept asking her to do more in the future.

She was incredibly warm, maternal, humorous, and loving. She always made the effort to connect with us in the community with a loving heart. We often joked about food, and as most of you might have noticed, she loved food. She enjoyed almost all the food, the cakes, sweets etc. When the subject “Food” came up, I asked her what kinds of food she didn’t enjoy and her answer was always: I ate everything, anything that was good except the “榴莲” – The “Durian fruit.” I agreed with her that I would never touch that for sure. We often exchanged ideas on how we could promote our cultures more to the communities beside the Asian communities.

There was so much she wanted to do, and we discussed many of the programs together. She wanted to carry out her plans, her ideas, and she enjoyed our talent platform at ICEPN. She had been our VIP Judge for “My Great Stage” Seasonal talent competitions. She truly enjoyed some of the young talents from our Asian communities, and she wished she could have such platform when she was younger. She loved helping, donating her time to the right cause, and supported the right programs. She set a good example for women, she cheered us on throughout these years, a truly cheerleader for ICEPN talent programs, and a great support to our programs and team. We will miss her laugher, her competitiveness, her direct approach, and her maternal care and love.

There are so many loving, funny, & laughing memories of her we could share with you. We’d like to share one of the events we attended, and had a pleasure taking some photos, videos for her event. That was the AARP event. We can see what a beautiful life she had from the video, what an amazing lady who brought people together with her personal impact, and how she was loved and adored by many of us. The enormity of her loss for our communities, for us at ICEPN is unbearable. She will be missed forever in our hearts.

Virginia Lou Ng: Virginia Lou Ng passed away on May 18th 2022

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