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青春奏鸣曲 Youth Sonata 演员介绍 – Larry Liu

青春奏鸣曲 Youth Sonata 演员介绍 – Larry Liu

My name is Larry Liu. I’m 16 years old and currently a sophomore at Rutgers Preparatory High School.

Besides schoolwork and acting, I really enjoy doing:
Computer programming
Game design
Graphics creation
3d modeling
Music (Flute, Dizi, etc.)
I am almost obsessively passionate about my current hobbies. Still, I also enjoy doing different interests and activities – such as acting! I believe that through acting, I can develop experiences that could connect to my other hobbies for a unique perspective and mindset.

At first, when meeting new people, I tend to be somewhat reserved and silent; This changes after getting to know them more. Most people will describe me as considerate, easygoing, and adaptable, with a radical way of thinking.

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