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青春奏鸣曲 Youth Sonata 演员介绍 – Karen Du

青春奏鸣曲 Youth Sonata 演员介绍 – Karen Du

My name is Karen Du, and I am 11 years old. I go to Auten Road Intermediate School and am in 6th grade. I have a younger sister named Hannah, two years younger than I am (9 years old).

A few of my interests are singing, reading, and acting! I got to ICEPN programs and competitions from my voice coach, who we call ‘Teacher Gu.’ I started singing at age 8, and my voice mentor is exceptionally professional and kind during her class. Over the past two years, I genuinely enjoyed various programs from the ICEPN platform such as singing, reading, and acting. I have been actively participating in all the performances, and competitions, and have been enjoying all at ICEPN. I am looking forward to the summer educational project “Youth Sonata” with ICEPN and director Tom Logan.

I love watching movies and I recently have been obsessed with the MARVEL series, and have read the first six Star Wars books. Dancing is something I have been doing for a long time, from 4 years old, and I am continuing still.

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