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2022 Spring Rhyme Showcase Episode 01

My Great Stage Season 9 Spring Rhyme Showcase Episode 01.

Showcase Program:

  1. 2022 Spring Rhyme Showcase Opening:
    Host: Kathy Yang (age 13)
    Host:   Lei YaFei (age 14)
  2. Song:  Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    Solo:   Luna Wang (age 7)
  3. Piano: You Raise Me Up & What A Wonderful World
    Solo:  Derek Li (age 12)
  4. Poem: Spring by Gerard Manley Hopkins
    Performer: Karen Du (age 11)
    Performer: Alice Jiang (age 9)
  5. Song: Roses and Thorns
    Solo:  Abby Du (age 9)
  6. Song: The Rainbow Colored Song
    Solo:  Hannah Du (age 9)
  7. Piano  The Knight Errant
    Solo:  Emma Xu (age 11)
  8. Poem: Today by Billy Collins
    Performer: April Wang (ag 9)
  9. Song: I Have A Dream
    Solo:  Karen Du (age 11)
  10. Poem:  Daisy Time by MARJORIE PICKTHALL
    Performer:  Alex Wu (age 10)
  11. Piano: Liebestraum No. 3(Love Dream) by F. Liszt
    Solo: Henry Yao (age 17)
  12. Song:  Footprint in the Sand
    Solo:  Kathy Yang (age 13)
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