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青春奏鸣曲 Youth Sonata 演员介绍 – Felisha Zhu

青春奏鸣曲 Youth Sonata 演员介绍 – Felisha Zhu

The message from Felisha Zhu
My name is Felisha Zhu. I am a 10-year-old girl that has newly found her passion for acting. Some of my talents include acting, drawing, painting, skiing, cooking, crafting, sewing, and dancing.

I am a very passionate, kind, caring, and unique girl. I am incredibly good at dancing and flexibility related things, as I can physically bend in half. I love to dance and act; it just creates a feeling like no other. I am very responsible and independent too. I’ve never taken any classes on things like cooking, crafting, and sewing. I just knew how to do it by myself! I am a class representative and safety patrol which gives me the chance to be responsible. I do beautiful cake designs with flowers carved from fruit and more!

I feel like I have a great upgoing and energetic personality that makes me stand out like a ray of light. I can be shy sometimes, but I just need a bit of time to open up and shine. This is me, a bright shining star, Felisha Zhu.

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