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电影青春奏鸣曲 – Youth Sonata 年青华裔后代故事 筹拍

青春奏鸣曲 – Youth Sonata 年青华裔后代故事
导演 – 美国导演: TOM LOGAN

简介 – Short Introduction

A group of youths who speak perfect English but appear Asian are always aiming to please. They spend their days learning piano, studying hard, and filling their time with all kinds of extracurricular activities. They’re bright, clever and always adapting to their parent’s wishes. Living in line with traditions and with what their parents desire for them, they wonder if they are living or just merely enduring. For them, life is just the ups and downs of navigating the expectations of their parents while they try to forge their own paths. Sometimes bright and colorful, sometimes dim and overcast- let’s explore some of their personal sonatas.

演员表 – Cast
Jady Zhao (17)
Larry Liu (17)
Hadrian Lin (15)
Stephen Zhang (15)
Travis Moyle (11)
Karen Du (11)
Felisha Zhu (10)
Warren Wang (10)
Jason Wang (10)
April Wang (9)
Charlotte Gao (9)
Hannah Du (9)
Alice Jiang (9)
Jennifer Wang (8)
Vivien Huang (8)
Luna Wang (7)

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