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“Growing Up with Parents!” TV Reality Contest Show Open Casting

“Growing Up with Parents!” 2021 Season Open Casting:

“我们一起成长’ 游戏竞赛真人电视节目 – “Growing Up with Parents!”
TV Reality Contest Show

This is a TV game contest show based and participated with Chinese American families.A journey that helps player’s personality development, public speaking, presentation skills, and communication skills with courage and confidence.
It is a show that reflects the process of growing up and the educational journey with the child’s family, it presents to the audience with entertainment, education, and knowledge and it brings family members’ personalities, harmony, communication, and lovely memories together.

这是一台充满欢乐, 勇气和信心, 以华裔家庭为单位参加的电视游戏节目!通过多端变化, 巧妙设计和充满喜乐的系列比赛, 帮助参与者发展个性,学习公开演讲技巧, 掌握电视节目主持技术, 增强与观众互动能力。同时可以促进参与家庭孩子们学习的动力, 学会互相帮助, 培养集体合作的能力, 同时展示自己的表达, 解释, 反应和沟通的技能。电视节目会给观众传递孩子的成长和学习过程, 家人合作和欢乐生活的过程; 展示华裔家庭的文化和生活气息, 汇集家庭各代的个性,和谐,沟通和美好的回忆。

Show Type:         TV show, pre-record show–电视节目, 预先录制
Broadcast:           ICEPN Website, Vimeo Showcase, YouTube, (Youku/China)

Key Elements:      FUN, the best moment between Kids and Parents, Culture and Lifestyle,
Family and Kids
Show Format:       Game Contest TV Show – 游戏竞赛电视节目
Location:              Studio and Outdoor mixed – 户内和户外混合
Contest Format:    Conference Meet or Tournament Type, or Mixed both –循环赛或者是分组赛方式Contest Contents:

(1)          Knowledge Contest – 知识竞赛
(2)          Game Contest–游戏竞赛
(3)          Talent Contest -才艺竞赛
(4)          Culture Contest – 文化竞赛
(5)          Language Contest – 语言竞赛
(6)          Family Study Contest – 家庭学习竞赛
(7)          Cooking Contest–烹饪竞赛
(8)          Presentation Contest–主题展示竞赛
(9)          Home video Contest–家庭视频竞赛
(10)        Fashion Show Design Contest–时尚表演设计竞赛
(11)        Commercial Design Contest – 电视广告设计竞赛
(12)        more….–更多

Production Time:           Summertime (August 2021, or Later pending on Covid)
Fees:        Training fee and coaching fee for kids vary; Parents, Grandparents free participation
Family Member:    Kids, parents, and grandparents
欢迎加入我们的节目!Show Producer-节目出品人:
ICE Production Network, Inc.  北美新天地电视●我的大舞台!

有兴趣组队参加我们节目的朋友, 请来电话, 或者电子邮件报名或者询问更多的信息.
电话: 732 508-3233


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