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ICEPN Talent Management

ICEPN Talent management is widely recognized in the Asian communities in the tri-state area. as an extraordinarily successful talent management company in television and film. ICEPN is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, a neighboring state of New York.

We believe in talents. Talent’s relationship is built on teamwork. Both the talent agency and the actor/actress must be willing to invest in time and the hard work for success. ICEPN started our mission to provide tools and resources for all aspiring talent to find success in late year of 2009 and started developing and managing talents since 2014.

We believe in a process of training that is essential to all talents and performers. We offer well-rounded programs where talents or performers’ unique potential are cultivated and encouraged.We have short and long-term training programs, with many opportunities across different platforms in the areas where talents/performers can be benefit from.

Working closely with entertainment agencies in the past few years, ICEPN works with a wide array of clients and believes in focusing on obtaining the individual artists’ personal goals, as well as, exploring chances for growth in new areas.

We pride ourselves in treating everyone with respect and kindness. A nonstop working attitude ensures each talent receives castings in real time from industry contacts. The opportunities range from television, film, commercial, music video, runway print, promotional castings, and many other gigs. ICEPN’s talents have shined in a few of entertainment mediums including Disney/CCTV Sesame Street, Anti-Smoking PSA, The Toy Foundation, Google Classroom,AT&T Hospitality & Commercial Solutions, Prudential (SPIRIT OF COMMUNITY) Web Industrial, Spectrum TV Commercial, Coco Cola Commercials, EUCRISA RX Print, Film called “Snakehead”, a movie called “A Different Sun”, and a movie called “Confetti”, just to name a few.

ICEPN is strongly committed to develop a wide range of the talents with the year-long programs. We have a growing roster of newcomers in music, movie/film, and modeling.

If you have the passion and drive to succeed in these industries, join ICEPN. If you like to explore what potential talents you have yet to discover about yourself, join ICEPN talent programs and we will get you started.

A positive, a caring and vibrant team is waiting for you. The Benefits and perks of working with our team:

  • ICEPN year-long talent development programs and workshops
  • Summer Boot Camps with filming, mini movie, &talent exploring opportunities
  • Join exciting competitions in New York City where you have opportunitiesto meetagencies, producers, and directors
  • Opportunities to meet and work with elite professional directors, actors, musicians, song writers and model agents

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