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北美新天地电视 “我的大舞台” 五届视频精彩回顾和展播

欢迎参加北美新天地电视 “我的大舞台” 五届视频精彩回顾和展播节目

Welcome to ICEPN TV “My Great Stage” Playback Program

This exciting program series will bring back wonderful memories, showcase unforgettable competition moments, and some of the best highlights from the Past 5 Seasons!

Join us with our three unique programs under this series:

Program running schedules will be from Sept 1 through Oct 31, 2019 (2 months).

Program One:
“The Moment” – My Great Stage” online video playbacks of the past 5 seasons’ competitions, performances andevents. “此时此刻”-北美新天地电视 “我的大舞台” 过去的五届视频精彩回顾和展播.

Program Two:
“We’re Back” – Invites “My Great Stage” alumni for getting together for sharing their most memorable moments, interviews, demonstrations and fun. “我们回来了”–北美新天地电视“我的大舞台” 过去的五届选手, 朋友和嘉宾回来相聚, 采访, 演讲, 视唱, 表演, 回顾, 等.

Program Three:
“My Forever Stage” – Special TV Episodes for the past 5 seasons’alumni, VIPs, &Sponsors.
“我永久的大舞台”- 特别电视专集介绍北美新天地电视“我的大舞台” 过去五届的超级选手, 嘉宾和赞助商.

Welcome and join our fun play-back program!
联系我们, 电话: 732 508-3233  电子邮件:

“我的大舞台” 五届视频精彩回顾和展播节目宣传海报:

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