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My Great Stage Season IV Award Night Gala EP03

ICEPN TV “My Great Stage” Season IV Award Night Gala – Award Ceremony and Performances March 11, 2018, The Ellora, Edison, New Jersey. Episode 03

Performance – Dance Medley by Rachael Ngai, Haley Deng and Emily Chao/YuRu Lin/Rachael Ngai Trio Group
Song Solo – “Havana” by Janet Liu

Dance Award Ceremony
Performance – Acting Short Piece “Funny Chef” by most of Cooking Contestnats
Song and Guitar Ensemble “童年” by Owen Wang, Vivian Wang and Boyu Jin
Song Solo “To Love You More” by Elise Wang

Model Award Ceremony
Performance – Song Solo “Broken Vow” by Olivia Gao

北美新天地电视 “我的大舞台” 第四届 才艺大赛 – 音乐艺术节颁奖晚会第一集. 2018年3月11日, The Ellora, 新泽西州,爱迪生市. 当晚颁奖典礼和演出的照片请点击这里的连接欣赏http://s1160.photobucket.com/user/ICEPNIMAGES/slideshow/


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