“My Great Stage” 2017 Christmas Concert

“My Great Stage” Season 4, 2017-2018 Music Arts Festival – 2017 Christmas Concert “Season’s Greetings”

Venue:                   Kirkpatrick Chapel at Rutgers University
Date:                     Sunday, Dec 17, 2017
Time:                     5:30pm – 8:00 pm
Style:                     Vocal performance only with Solo, duet, trio, ensemble and choir
Theme:                 Christmas and holiday season songs

Admission:            General Entry Ticket $10
Contact us:           Tel  732 508-3233    Email    events@c3n.3ee.myftpupload.com

Concert Flyer
2017 Christmas Concert -W

ICEPN TV “My Great Stage” Season Four, 2017-2018 Music Arts Festival – 2017 Christmas Concert-ICEPN TV Program Audition Notice:

(1) ICEPN TV Program Time:   60 mins

(2) Available Program for Vocal Slots under limited time:
0 Vocal Solo Optional Slots (Updated by Oct 31, 2017)
3 Small Scale Vocal Ensemble Slots
3 Medium Scale Vocal Ensemble or Choir Slots

(3) Audition and Application this season for Christmas Concert:
1. Audition is open only for Signed up Contestant
2. Two (2)  ID# are required:  Contestant ID# (6 digits) and Audition ID# (4 digits) for Dec 17th Christmas Concert

(4) Audition Method: (Audition song):
Self -tape your audition song(s) and email to events@c3n.3ee.myftpupload.com
The self tape must include: slate your name, age, audition # and song title(s)
Audition Style: A Cappella, 2 min/per song  .

(5) Audition Deadline & Program Slot Assignment:
1. The Self-tape audition submission for Christmas Concert starts from Oct 1, 2017 and ends on Dec 10, 2017. 
2. All the program slots will be assigned based on First in and First Approval principle. Acceptance ends when open slots are taken prior to deadline.

(6) Information Update:
The slots assignment availability information will be updated weekly on website.

(7) Here is the suggested audition song pool:

Silent Night            –           choir or Ensemble

Panis Angelicus         –           choir or Ensemble

First Noel              –           Ensemble

Pie Jesu                –           Ensemble

The Water is Wide           –           ensemble

Ombra mai fu                 –           ensemble

You Raise Me Up           –           ensemble

Halleluiah               –           Solo

Amazing Grace          –           Choir or Ensemble

O Holy Night           –           Solo

White Christmas           –           Solo

Lord’s Prayer           –           Solo or Choir

Ave Maria            –           Solo or Ensemble

Angel              –           Solo

Prayer            –           Duet

Grown-up Christmas List         –           Solo

When You Believe            –           Solo or Ensemble

Memory (Cat)             –           Solo

What A Wonderful World           –         Solo

Christmas Waltz (Jackie Evancho)      –           Solo

Take Me There (Jackie Evancho)        –           Solo

O Come All Ye Faithful (Celtic Women)    –     Ensemble or Choir

When I Fall in Love           –           Duet

It Had to be You                 –           Duet