ICEPN TV Special Interview with Upendra Chivukula – Book ECONOMIC REFORM or SOCIAL REVOLUTION the solution to income inequality… Building “Inclusive Capitalism” through Employee Ownership * HOW WEALTH IS CREATED *

“Inclusive” capitalism would change the playing field by offering significant tax incentives to corporations willing to establish employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), allowing employees to acquire capital shares without depleting their own savings. Stock holdings would provide the middle and lower classes with what they so desperately need: income capital in ADDITION to earnings via their labor.

Authors:  Upendra Chivukula & Veny W. Musum

Interview Host: Lili Greene – ICEPN TV
Upendra Chivukula: Commissioner to the N.J. Board of Public Utilities. Chivukula completed serving his sixth consecutive two-year term as a Democrat in the New Jersey General Assembly where he was also the Assembly Deputy Speaker.


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